I’m excited to announce that Side Mirror 2.0 is now live on the Mac App Store!

What’s Side Mirror, you ask?

If you aren’t familiar, Side Mirror is a tool for presenters, educators, and anyone who does live demos. It works by showing you what’s shown on a connected display in scenarios where you can’t see it.

For instance:

  • A projector that’s behind you
  • A monitor that is turned away from you so others can see

You might use Display Mirroring for this, but then you can’t have hidden things like notes, code snippets, ready-made files, or whatever else you might use for the demo. With Side Mirror, you can have all of that stuff accessible on your main screen (which only you can see) and the content that’s on the other display shows up in a window that you can see on your screen.

In essence, Side Mirror can help you stop doing this:

This photo is from slidecoaching.com, which had this to say about it:

Next time you are up on stage, remember to keep your eyes on the audience as much as possible. Your presentation will be better.

I couldn’t agree more. That’s why I built Side Mirror.

What’s New in 2.0?

  • The preview window is now lightning fast! Up to 60 frames/sec.
  • You can now control the quality and zoom scale of the preview window, improving performance on older devices

So how much faster is it? Take a look:

I’ve been excited to get this out the door and hear how people are using it. If you’ve downloaded it, please let me know what you think!