One of my clients is submitting an app to the store under a different Apple Developer account than it was developed with.

This left us with about 50 devices in the old portal that they were using for development & beta testing. I needed to quickly get these over to the new portal.


Enter spaceship.

Spaceship is a gem developed by Felix Krause and Stefan Natchev as part of the fastlane project.

Basically it is an interactive command-line interface for dealing with the Dev Center.

It’s delivered as a rubygem, so you can install it like this:

gem install spaceship

You launch it and interact with it in a Ruby repl, like this:

> spaceship
Password (for ******** 

Now you’re logged in, and the password was saved in the OS X Keychain, so you won’t have to enter it in again.

Then you can list devices:


In my case I wanted to be sure that I only imported devices related to our existing adhoc provisioning profile. Pretty easy, first get the provisioning profile object:

profile = {|p| == "MyAppAdhoc" }.first

Then call devices on it to get the list of devices:

devices = profile.devices

Finally, create a file that we can use to import into the new portal:'devices.txt', 'w') do |f|
  f.puts "Device ID\tDevice Name"
  devices.each do |device|
    f.puts "#{device.udid}\t#{}"

Awesome! Now I have a file I can use to manually upload to the portal, or better yet, use fastlane to manage it all. Easy peasy.