I’ve not been that great about marketing Giggle Touch. It’s a cool app, kids like it, but most people don’t know about it.

The biggest reason was probably that I never set up a proper website for it. Doing a search would only yield a blog post that said it was “coming soon.”

That’s all changed now. I’d like to introduce App Sites.

App Sites


The premise is simple: standup a website for an iPhone app in minutes.

Check it out here: http://appsites.heroku.com.

You can see the site in action by visiting the Giggle Touch page.

It’s free (for now) and gives you the ability to add features, a description, a link back to the app, and a screenshot.

Planned upcoming features include:

  • Custom domains
  • Multiple screenshots
  • Videos
  • Coming soon (if the app hasn’t launched yet)
  • More analytics

If you have an iPhone app, I encourage you to create a page. Let me know what you think!