I spoke at iPhone Dev Con in Boston last week and I attended Mike Lee's excellent keynote presentation: "Mariachi Product Engineering"

At iPhone Dev Con in San Diego last year, Mike came out dressed like a Pirate. No kidding.


This year he came with a Mariachi outfit on. It's pretty hilarious as nobody expects a keynote speaker to be dressed this way.

Over beers some of the guys at the conference decided it would be awesomely-epic to hire a real mariachi band to play during his keynote. So how does one find a mariachi band with after midnight on a Monday? Apparently, AMEX. One of the guys called his AMEX service and they delivered. I swear this could be the makings of a new AMEX commercial.

It made for a memorable keynote to say the least. The talk was excellent as well, as Mike certainly has a lot to say about Product Engineering.

Here is the video of the first 30 or so minutes of the talk (I ran out of battery before it was over).

Mike Lee - Mariachi Product Engineering from Ben Scheirman on Vimeo.


I'll have links to my presentation material soon, but I wanted to share this awesome event. Certainly one for the books!