New Relic is seriously awesome. It's pretty much the standard for performance monitoring in Rails. Recently New Relic introduced support for .NET apps. I think this is HUGE.

When I show off New Relic RPM to .NET developers, most are flabbergasted and ask...

Why can't we have this in .NET?!?!?!

Well, now you can!


I made a comment (jokingly) on Twitter:


...The more I think about this the more I think I'm right. They have a proven track record in the Rails community and are a seriously valuable tool for troubleshooting bottlenecks and perf issues, all the way from the web tier to the database and back again.

I'm not sure how much of this is present in the current .NET version of their plugin, but I suspect that it will get more robust over time and be a standard in the .NET community as well.

I'm curious to hear from anyone who is currently using this. What is the setup experience like? If it's as "drop-in" easy as it is in Rails then it's a no-brainer. Let me know in the comments.