I love browser innovation. I like seeing new features and I'm always eager to switch to the faster, better, more comfortable browser. After hearing good things on Twitter, I was actually ready to put all my eggs in the Safari basket. That is, until I tried using it for a week.

First, the good things.

  • Fast.  Comparable to Chrome speed.
  • Nice address bar search (though not as good as Chrome)
  • Reader Mode +++
  • Plugins (though admittedly it made Safari a little wonky)

These things are very welcome additions. However it just wasn't enough. I've permanently removed Safari from my Dock and set Firefox back as my default browser, and here's why:

  • No Shift-CMD-T to open a previously closed tab
  • CMD-K doesn't take you to the search box
  • View Source doesn't highlight the HTML. Seriously.
  • XML & JSON don't even render. You have to view source to see the content.
  • CMD-Left & Right doesn't switch between tabs
  • Tabs don't open next to the opening page. Instead they all stack on the end.

After I started making a list of things that annoy me, I came to realize that my old friend Firefox is the least bothersome browser I use. Sorry, Safari 5. I gave you a week, but you just didn't cut it.