Since Safari 5 was released I decided to set it as the default browser for a week and see how I liked it. Previously my default was Firefox, but mainly because the developer tools are so kick ass with it. Chrome is nice and fast (and I use it still), but doesn't feel like a Mac app and I was seriously missing the 1 Password extension (until I found it the other day!).

Safari 5 definitely feels like a Mac app, is as fast as Chrome (so they say) and has extension support. Yay!

Anyway, I noticed that Safari would show a "Reader" button on some websites. Clicking it gives you a nice, friendly, easy to read view of the page, sans dancing bunnies, rollover ads, and other cruft that makes the internet annoying. Check it out:



If you're looking for a similar experience in your browser of choice, check out this Readability extension.