All I can say about iPhone Dev Camp Houston is..... WOW.

Just check out the twitter stream (#ipdchouston) to see all of the buzz that was going on during the event.

I was asked to give an intro presentation, so at 10:00 AM I gave a quick overview of Objective-C and the iPhone SDK. When asked if the audience had much experience in iPhone development, only about 10% raised their hand. We decided that it would be time well spent to continue to delve into the intro material for another hour.

We covered the basics of the language, then jumped into an example using Interface Builder to link up UI elements to variables in a UIViewController and also wire up event handlers to control events on the view. The next demo was a demo of CoreAnimation I got from 31 Days of iPhone. My last demo covered UINavigationController and UITableViewController.

I'd like to thank all of those who attended the session, it was humbling to hear so much good praise and I'm glad the talk was well received.

You can download the presentation & code demos here:

iPhone Dev Camp Presentation & Demo Projects 

The talk was also recorded (Thanks StartupHouston!).  Unfortunately the internet was being hammered and some of it is a little rough.  These are the recordings:

You can find other recordings from the entire day over at the Startup Houston UStream page.

App Jam

Later in the evening I participated in an App Jam, where you basically start at 8pm and work all night until you have a working app. I had to leave around 12:30 because I was dead tired, and I created a rinky-dinky little app that I hope to finish up sometime soon. I might be wrong, but perhaps beer had something to do with not finishing?


I'd also really like to thank the conference organizers... Nathan Eror, Scott Riggins, Mike Gile, and many others for a really awesome event. I hope we do this again next year!