On Tuesday (7/14/2009) we had our monthly geek dinner where we get together, have beer & pizza, and talk about technology.  Usually it is centered around .NET, but lately I’ve been doing some development on the iPhone, so I thought I’d give a demo & talk about how it relates to .NET developers.

In the video I talk about:

  • How to use Interface Builder to build the UI visually.
  • How to hook up IBOutlets and IBActions from the view controller to the view elements in Interface Builder
  • How to do animation with CoreAnimation
  • How to create & position views programmatically

There is also some random discussion about the capabilities on the phone, what the APIs are like for the various features, and how some of this relates to .NET and C#.

Unfortunately I forgot to hit record when I was doing a primer on Objective-C, so if you need that, then I suggest reading this article(In fact, read up all of Cocoa Dev Central because it’s a great resource.)

The 2nd demo I did I didn’t immediately give credit to (I did later off camera) but I wanted to make sure that I give credit to the original author, over at AppsAmuck.com.  They have a great series called 31 Days of iPhone.   The demo I did can be found here.


Here is the video:

Intro to iPhone Development from Ben Scheirman on Vimeo.

A bunch of people asked me how I learned all of this.  First, I read this book:

It’s a great read, and really helped me grasp programming in Objective-C.

I also took the Standford iTunesU course – CS193P – iPhone Application Development.  This was tremendously valuable.  The best part?  It’s 100% free!