I updated my Hackintosh to OS X 10.5.7 last night.  Luckily I had just backed up my system volume with SuperDuper the night before, so I felt confident in doing the update.

Usually updates are the bane of any hack-users existence (I wouldn’t exactly call myself a hacker, as I simply leverage smart peoples’ work).  Updates to OS X generally replace hacked kexts, or add new road bumps that prevent previous hacks from working properly.

In my case, the upgrade went very smoothly.  The system rebooted (twice for some reason) and I was able to log back in.

My sound didn’t work, so I loaded up Kext Helper and loaded up these two kexts again:

(luckily I saved these from previous endeavors)

My drive icons were all orange (as if they were external USB drives instead of internal SATA ones), so I installed this fix to restore their normal icons:


Everything seems to be running perfectly smooth.


As an aside, a lot of folks have asked me how my hackintosh is treating me.  Is the honeymoon phase over?  Yes and no.  The system is not without it’s flaws.  I only recently got my microphone to work, and I still haven’t been able to get 5.1 surround to work (which is pretty low on my important-things-to-do list).  My printer doesn’t work, so I’m relegated to printing from XP in VMWare Fusion.  I still need to purchase a nice webcam that works with OS X.

I still thoroughly enjoy using OS X, even more so than Windows 7.  The software is just that much more polished.

For development, it kind of sucks to have to be in Windows to use Visual Studio.  MonoDevelop may get there one day, or perhaps JetBrains will unload an awesome cross-platform .NET IDE.  Who knows.

The last thing I miss are games.  I’ve been seriously considering cancelling my World of Warcraft account, due to lack of time… but I’d still like to play an FPS or two when they come out, and it looks like I’ll have to dual boot if I want to do that, since they’re almost never on the Mac.