Ben Scheirman


HDNUG Last Night

Last night I gave a talk to the largets crowd I have ever spoken in front of.  There were over 100 people in the room and they were a great audience.  I received lots of devoted attention and people were eager to participate.  I was quite nervous in the beginning, but once I got into the material I think it came across very well.

I spoke about why to use CSS and what we can do to overcome some of the pitfalls.  I also explained why we don’t want to be using tables for layout. 

I moved from there to some javascript techniques and a little bit of ajax.  From what I got from that portion, it could have probably warranted more time, but there was just so much to cover.

The files that I used during the demo are available for download here:

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I received a number of questions about the tools I was using during the demo.  The text editor I was using was e.  You can download it at  The application launcher that I use is launchy.  It is available at  Finally the Keyboard shortcut window, called Key Jedi is available here.

If you attended the presentation, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments.  Thanks for coming!

Update:  The links that I wanted to show (but couldn’t) during the presentation are: