Ben Scheirman


My Presentation on Continuous Integration

I gave a talk on Continuous Integration last night at the Houston Sark Office.  Thanks to all who attended.

We had pizza and discussed some of the processes and principles behind CI, as well as some of the tools to get you there.  I did a live demo of an app, connected to source control and a build server.

A-la Jeremy Miller, I had my CCTray audio clips setup, so when the build failed, you’d hear Napolean Dynamite say “Freakin Idiot!”

I think it went well, however for those of you who attended, I’d really like to hear your thoughts!  Please take a second to leave a comment.

Here are the files used in the demo:

continuous (8323 KB)

(included are the sample project, cruise control config, and power-point slides)

I left out the build server installation because it was over 70mb.  It consisted of Subversion binaries, Nant, and a Cruise folder with some project state data.

I got amazing help from Jean-Paul Boodhoo, who has a 9 part NAnt starter series, which ends on a screencast of setting up CruiseControl!

Additional resources were: