Ben Scheirman


Joel Gets It Right

I read Joel Spolsky religiously.  His posts are few-and-far-between, but the SNR (signal to noise ratio) is seriously high.  His posts are worth waiting for because there is so much meat.

Anyway, since he frequently posts interesting articles, why am I blogging about this one?  This one really hits the nail on the head with me, that’s why.

Programmers are good at programming.  The time they spend learning tasks extraneous to their day-to-day skills is time not improving the developmental skills.  I believe in being multi-faceted, but your developers shouldn’t also be your system administrators.  Your developers shouldn’t spend time assembling desks or ordering/building computers.  Taking your developers off of their high priority tasks to do phone tech support is a waste of his/her time.  High morale and few distractions will lead to better software in the end.

I don’t normally like to blog about a blog, but this post is worth reading.  Go.  Now.  Read it.

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